Yakutat, Alaska is one of the last remaining villages where nature and culture live harmoniously. Since time immemorial, Tlingit people thrived along the coastline of Southeast Alaska. Our existence was dependant on our relationship with the sea. It was sole provider for our bounty and harvest. Salmon continues to provide sustenance to Yakutat’s indigenous people and plays an integral role in cultural activities.

Yakutat Wild is a joint effort of salmon fisheries occuring in the rivers of Yakutat and the gulf of Alaska. The Yakutat branding association, with roots in the local community, was born to support our local processors, fisherman and direct marketers in charge of handling our fish to training.

The parent group for Yakutat Wild is the Yakutat Salmon Board. The board’s main goal is to protect and restore watersheds. There simply cannot be sustainable harvests without maintaining healthy rivers.

Yakutat Wild’s vision is to develop a name synonymous with quality and to promote responsible harvest of wild renewable seafood resources.