Yakutat Wild salmon have never been threatened nor endangered. The local rivers have never seen dams, commercial fish traps, hatcheries or hydroelectric power plants. Our salmon runs are natural and healthy, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game guarantees our stocks to be sustainable and abundant.

Yakutat is far removed from any of the problems associated with large populated areas. Here, marine habitats are undisturbed… and salmon naturally pure.

Yakutat Wild live in the cleanest waters on earth. The fish have never been farmed… they are just as wild today as they’ve always been. In fact, salmon farming in Alaska is illegal.

  • Healthy Nutrition: Yakutat Wild has a unique advantage in the wild salmon industry.
  • Fresh / Quality: The rivers of Yakutat supply fresh salmon year around.
  • Remote Wild: The very salmon consumers are demanding… Alaskan and wild.
  • Healthy Supply: You can be assured Yakutat Wild salmon are caught responsibly in sustainably managed fisheries.