Yakutat enjoys the unique advantage of having its fish processing centers located near its fishing grounds. The world-renowned Situk (See-tuck) River is only ten miles away… this natural system produces all five wild species of salmon.

Here the fish are easily loaded into trucks and transported to town.

The trolling grounds are also close by, most fishermen who troll for Salmon do so just a few miles from port.This type of “day fishing” where the fisherman bring their catch in at the end of every day… is the ideal situation for bringing fresh fish to market in the shortest amount of time.

Yakutat Wild salmon can go from our river to your dinner in less than 24 hours.

A fisherman can catch bright sockeye salmon on the morning tide and bring in his fish by noon. The iced fish are processed and loaded onto the evening southbound flight. The next day, Yakutat Wild salmon are displayed fresh in grocery stores and served in the finest restaurants.

This is possible because Yakutat enjoys the advantage of daily jet service. A rare luxury for a village of only 700 people.